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Lavender is a genus of 39 other known species of flowering plants found in the mint family “Lamiaceae”.

The herbal plant has many uses. These include treating medical conditions to making skin and beauty products.

The ability to use numerous parts of the plant. This includes the flowers, stem and leaves. This makes the lavender herb have numerous possibilities.

The origin of the name “lavender” is derived from both the Latin word “lavare” which means to wash and also the Old French term “lavandre.”

The most common type of Lavender:

  • English Lavender
  • French Lavender
  • Spanish Lavender
  • Lavandin

Common Names: Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, is also referred to as lavender. This is the most common cultivated species of Lavender.
Scientific Name of Lavender: Lavandula.

Habitat: The herb is native to the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean and the northern Africa.

Health Benefits of Aromatic Lavender

Other non-medical health benefits of lavender are the ability to use it to protect clothes against insects like moths. It also repells flies and mosquitoes through its unique smell. That scares the insects away.

Treating Fungal Infections

A research study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. Has found that lavender oil can combat incidences of anti-fungal resistant infections. This indicates that the herbal plant has unique, natural antibiotic properties. That can treat fungal infections as opposed to over the counter drugs.

Another research theory by scientists from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Concluded that lavender fights against a wide range of pathogenic fungi(1) This found that the essential oils distilled from the Lavandula genus of the lavender work to destroy the fungal sell’s membrane.

Lavender Hair Loss Treatment

The common condition alopecia areata that makes people lose their hair is treated and controlled using the lavender herb. Lavender has been rated by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database(2) as a possible effective treatment for hair loss.

This is due to the fact that the herbal remedy can significantly promote hair growth. By up to 44 percent after 7 months of medication and treatment.

Treatment of Painful Conditions

Some people use lavender to treat and manage painful conditions. These include toothaches, migraines, headaches, sprains, joint pains and sores. This can be achieved through reducing anxiety levels. Because a calm mental state is able to reduce the pain impact through making it a lot more bearable.

Effectiveness of Aromatherapy in Reducing Pain“lavender essential oil for pain relief of subacute and chronic lower back pain, participants who received a 3-week course of eight sessions of treatment showed a significant reduction in subjective pain intensity and an improvement in objective measures of physical functional performance”(3)

The herbal remedy helps through relaxation and can significantly reduce pain. This by putting the patients in a proper state of mind that does NOT make them focus on the pain.

When faced with headaches individuals can apply a few drops of lavender oil near the temples to make the condition become better with time. Lavender can also be combine with the analgesic power of rosemary to relieve all types of pain.


Lavender for Aromatherapy is the practice of using scents, fragrances and aromas to treat medical conditions. Aromatherapy which is another health benefits of lavender. Achieved through inhaling the unique scent produced by the herbal plant. This helps treat insomnia, pain and other dementia-related agitations.

Lavender for Dental Anxiety

This is a common condition in which people avoid going to the dentist as they are scared. This should not be the case anymore as research carried out by King’s College London. Found that lavender scent may help anxious patients(4) This by making them more comfortable and relaxed during the dental sessions. This is not only advantageous to them, but also to dentists. Who may find it stressful to deal patients with dental anxiety.

Restore Proper Blood Circulation

Lavender may help restore proper blood circulation through adding it to bath water. This in order to treat circulatory disorders while improving the mental well-being.

Diabetes Treatment

A 2014 research carried out by scientists from Tunisia. To test the effects of lavender essential oil on blood sugar levels(5) Identify that the herb played a critical role in protecting the body against various diabetes symptoms.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Increase in blood glucose
  • Weight gain
  • Liver and kidney dysfunction

Another amazing finding was that the Free radical-scavenging antioxidant activity. From this herbal remedy surpassed that of ascorbic acid, which is also referred to as vitamin C.

Sleep and Insomnia

A medical study on random college students discovered that using lavender oil could improve quality of sleep by up to 60%. This was after considering factors like the length of sleep. The average time taken to fall asleep, restfulness and reduction in insomnia symptoms(6)

Lavender Consists of the Following Compounds:

  • flavonoids
  • tannins
  • rosmarinic acid
  • triterpenoids
  • volatile oil
  • caryophyllene (8%)
  • camphor
  • cineole
  • linalool (26%)

Lavender Herb Uses

How to use lavender: An individual can soak their body in a lavender-scented bath in order to relax. Apply lavender oil to various body parts, use it alone or as a dry herb to make herbal tea. Also combine it with chamomile or valerian herb to make a relaxing herbal tea. Use the oil alongside other massage oils.

It’s most difficult to accurately identify and only describe all the potential uses of lavender. But, in this article we are going to try to look at the main health benefits of lavender. While also touching on other general uses of the herbal products it’s used in.

Benefits of lavender on Skin and Beauty:

The lavender oil which is commonly used in fragrance and shampoo products is highly regarded when it comes to skin and beauty care. The herb which when used in such products can play an important role in purifying and skin completely. Thus getting rid of germs and infections.

Most of the lavender based fragrances produce a nice sweet smell. That can transform an unpleasant odour filled environment into a pleasant one.

Lavender is highly regarded for its skin healing properties(7) in which skin burn treatment is one of them. Lavender can effectively treat burns in no time. Acne which is a serious skin condition responds well to this gentle herbal oil treatment. Lavender is not only lighter, but also less harsh as compared to over the counter drug products.

Side Effects of Lavender

As much as there are various research-backed health benefits of lavender. It’s also important to take into account the following precautions. Research indicates that long-term internal use of lavender can cause hormone imbalance in men.

Pregnant mothers are advised against using Lavender without consulting their doctors. This is because the safety of taking the drug during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is not guaranteed. Due to the fact that lavender can cause the central nervous systems to slow down. It should also be avoided at least 2 weeks before surgery.


Lavender is a easy grow herb with many herbal uses. It has carminative, relaxing and sedative effects. The herbs essential oil is a great remedy for a anxiety and relaxation. As a herbal tea combined with Chamomile it makes for a wonderful sleep tea.

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david roulston

david roulston

David Roulston is an herbalist and natural herb expert who has over 30 years experience formulating natural remedies. He's a graduate of the Marilyn Davies College of Business-University of Houston. Passionate about traditional medicine and turned to studying plants and nature, in an effort to help his partner overcome the pain of fibromyalgia.