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Chive is used in kitchens around the world and is available in most grocery stores. There are many chives herb health benefits. Chives is a perennial plant that is native to Europe, North America and Asia.

You can grow it in the garden or in pots this herb is just so popular. Chives forms an egg-shaped onion a few centimetres in size; from this grow the hollow 3-6 millimetre wide leaves.

They can vary in size and are 5-50 centimetres high. Between May and August chives begins to bloom and develop up to 50 flowers of mostly violet or in some cases a rare white colouring.

Common Names: Chives,  Giant garlic, Ciboulette,  Schnittlauch, cipollina, asatsuki(1)

Scientific Name of Chives: Allium schoenoprasum

Habitat: Native to Asia, Europe, Northern America(2)

There are four species of chives communally in use: common chives (Allium schoenoprasum), giant Siberian chives (Allium ledebourianum), Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum), Siberian garlic chives (Allium nutans).

Chives Herb Uses

Chive as been cultivated since the Middle Ages. However, much earlier uses can be detected too the year 3000 BC. Flavor and aroma wise Chives is very similar to that of onion , so it is often used in the kitchen in addition to or as a substitute for normal cooking onion.

Some varieties are a taste between onion and garlic. Is cultivated for its aromatic chives, green leaves. It can be used fresh, frozen or dried. The chopped leaves are used, especially in French cuisine, a basis for many sauces and soups.

But Chives is also crucial ingredient of other very popular dishes in many country’s. Green sauce that can be served mainly in meat dishes. Like parsley, chives is often used due to its strong green colour and flavour often boiled or baked potatoes, butter or other foods benefit. Here it fits the gustatory mainly because of its decorative function.

Other very popular culinary uses are found in the preparation of scrambled eggs; the coarsely chopped chives is simply done in the pan. Even salad dressings benefit from the flavor of the chives. Chopped chives is a wonderful accompaniment in butter or olive oil .

Chives Health Benefits

As well as the close relationship with garlic and onions. chives is also rich in healthy ingredients. In general you can say that chives has the same positive effects of garlic, only in somewhat weaker form.

Therefore, its use as a medicinal plant is even lower than garlic. The herb chives has allicin(3) . Allicin is a reaction product of the amino acid alliin and responsible for the charismatic aromatic garlic smell. Allicin help too prevent against excessive cholesterol levels and high blood pressure , thus it contributes to the overall health, especially of the heart .

In cholesterol management, it reduces the LDL level(4) and can increase the HDL levels. The positive effect on the blood pressure reduce the risk for blood clots. As the deep green colourrd leaves are rich in antioxidants , which we known, fight against free radicals and help prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Chives also promotes the formation of glutathione(5), an endogenous substance that is needed for defence against toxins and other carcinogenic substances.

Furthermore, the herb supports digestion and can help absorb some vital ingredients from the food taken. It is useful in getting rid of unwanted bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, so that the digestive functions the way it should. Likewise, there is a positive effect of chives when dangerous salmonella enters the body through food.

Chives Side Effects

Chives is a common food source in many country’s and for most people it’s SAFE. When taken in herbal medicinal amounts. Which are larger than what you take in food. It’s maybe safe. However taking too much could cause stomach upset(6)

Pregnancy and breast feeding: Chive is believed safe in the amounts found in most foods. But NOT enough information to say if safe when used in herbal medicine amounts.

So stay safe and do not use if pregnant/breast feeding.

Some sources suggest the folic acid in chives is good for you during pregnancy. But there our many other good sources of folic acid(7) and you would be better to use these.

Chives Nutrition

However, excessive consumption may produce laxative and digestive problems. Adding chives to potatoes, soups, salads, sauces, or in many other foods, is a easy way of gaining a little health benefit. Just one teaspoon of chives is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

These include 9 mg of potassium , 3 mg of calcium , 78 mcg of beta-carotene, 3 mkg of folic acid and 6 mkg of vitamin K .

In addition, chives contain’s minor amounts of magnesium , iron and various B vitamins.


Chives is most commonly used as a food flavouring or spice.

The leaves of the plant are used for herbal medicine.

The herb helps the digestive system.

Common herbal use for chives is for purging parasitic worms(Anthelmintic Herb).

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david roulston

david roulston

David Roulston is an herbalist and natural herb expert who has over 30 years experience formulating natural remedies. He's a graduate of the Marilyn Davies College of Business-University of Houston. Passionate about traditional medicine and turned to studying plants and nature, in an effort to help his partner overcome the pain of fibromyalgia.

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